Is it worth paying for pest control? Should you pay for pest control or do-it-yourself?


There are few things in life quite as traumatic and unsettling as having a pest infestation in your home. Whether it be a wasp nest in the attic, rats in the walls and under the floorboards, or a nest of cockroaches under the sink; having pests is enough to give you nightmares and make you feel unwelcome in your own home.

But what do you do if in the event that you have pests rudely invade your home? Is it worth paying for pest control? Or should you go ahead and try to tackle the infestation by yourself? In this article, we’re going to take you through some pros and cons so that you can make an informed decision for yourself. 

Is it worth paying for pest control? 

Is it worth paying for pest control? The short answer to that question is yes. Absolutely! 

Hiring a pest control expert is one of the quickest, easiest, and most effective means of getting rid of a pest infestation. That said, it all depends on the circumstances, how severe the infestation is, what pest you have been invaded by, and how desperate you are to resolve the problem. 

For example, if you have a rodent infestation, then you might not be too desperate to immediately clear them out. Certainly, it’s not nice knowing that you have rats chewing about under the floorboards, but generally, most people aren’t too frightened by this and may want to try laying some traps out themselves before calling and paying for professional assistance. 

However, if you have a wasp nest in your home, then this can be especially traumatic, particularly if one of your family members has an allergy, or simply a phobia. In this case, trying to tackle a wasp nest by yourself, without the right experience and correct equipment, can be an unnecessary risk. As such, you’d be far better off hiring professionals to come and take care of the problem for you.  

Should you pay for pest control? 

Should you pay for pest control? Is it worth doing it yourself? Some people don’t like the idea of having to spend money on something like getting rid of pests from their homes. They’re already agitated by the fact that they have unwanted visitors in their home, and now they have to pay for the privilege of having said invader removed? 

It is understandable why many people would not want to pay for pest control and would prefer to try and solve the problem by themselves. However, when you pay for pest control, you are paying for a highly-trained expert to come in, identify the root cause of the issue, and prescribe the most effective treatment available. 

The fact is, many DIY means of dealing with pests aren’t perhaps as thorough or effective as we’d like. However, when you pay for pest control, you’ll be getting an immediate, swift, and thorough resolution to your pest problem and in that case, it is worth every single penny. 

Should you ‘do-it-yourself’ when it comes to pest control? 

Should you DIY your pest control problem? Again, it all really depends on the situation:

  • How severe is the infestation?
  • What pest has invaded your home? 
  • Where is the infestation? (accessibility is a defining factor)
  • How quickly do you want the situation resolved? 
  • Do you have small children and pets that will be in particular danger? 
  • Do you or one of your family members have an allergy/phobia? 
  • How much damage can the pest do to the structural integrity of your home? 

These are important questions that you must ask yourself before deciding as to whether or not you can DIY the pest infestation. If you have small children or pets that might be at risk from the infestation, then a DIY approach might not be the best course of action. Instead, you can have a swift and definitive resolution from a professional pest control service, such as Expert Pest Control in Blue Mountains. 

All that being said, there are many DIY ‘prevention’ tactics that you can try by yourself to prevent an infestation from occurring a second time. Let’s take a look at some DIY pest prevention tactics for the home.

DIY pest prevention tactics 

So, whilst it might be quicker and easier to hire a professional pest control service to deal with an infestation, there is much that you can do at home to prevent any pests from entering your space again in the future. For example:

  • Keep your kitchen clean: Don’t give pests an excuse to enter your home by giving them a smorgasbord of crumbs and food waste. Keep your kitchen clean and wipe the sides down clearing away any crumbs after eating. 
  • Seal all food in plastic containers: Any opened boxes such as cereal or pet food should be transferred and kept in sealed plastic containers.  
  • De-clutter your home: Pests love messy homes! So, clear out all of that clutter and make your home as unattractive to pests as possible. That, and it’s a good excuse for a spring clean. 
  • Seal up any gaps: Do a thorough inspection of your home, inside and out, looking for any potential gaps and entryways that pests can use to invade your home. Using proper sealant, close the gaps and keep your home nice and airtight. 
  • Trim back branches close to windows: Rodents can jump from tree branches onto guttering and window sills, so make sure you have your trees pruned back appropriately so as to make it impossible for pests to bridge the gap. 
  • Clean out the attic: Do you need all of that crap in the attic? Now is as good a time as any to clear out the attic and make it an unattractive space for unwanted pests. 
  • Regularly take out the trash: Take out the trash of an evening and dispose of your sealed black garbage bags into the outside bins (kept an appropriate distance away from your home). You should also invest in a decent quality bin that seals properly and prevents odours from escaping. 
  • Fix leaking toilets and faucets: Pests like cockroaches love a stagnant pool of water. If you have leaking faucets or toilets, get them fixed as a matter of priority! 


Is it worth paying for pest control? Absolutely it is. When you hire the professionals, you are paying for swift and definitive action. Certainly, you can DIY your pest control in certain circumstances, but for the most part, hiring professionals is so much easier and comparatively safer.

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