Are compost machines good? How does a food composter work? Do indoor machines smell? Are they worth the cost?


There are many different options out there to get rid of food and other household waste and it can be tough to decide which one is the best for you. Compost machines are arguably the top option, so here we will have a look at how they work, how good they actually are, and ultimately help you to decide if investing in a food composter is the right move for you.

Are compost machines good?

Each household creates a huge amount of waste on a daily basis, and in a modern world where environmental concerns are becoming ever more important people do not want to just throw everything out. So much of this waste can be turned into compost instead, reducing the burden on the planet and providing organic fertilizer that can be used to give back to it instead. 

Electric food waste composters work quickly and efficiently to break down your leftovers and turn them into compost in a matter of hours. This really is the best way to get rid of your garbage without polluting the environment and without causing you extra effort and hassle. Instead of a rubbish bin, your composter acts more like a stomach to digest food and other waste and turn it into something you can use.

How does a food composter work?

As described above, a food composter acts as a digestive system to break down your waste. Simply separate out any liquids and hard objects that are not suitable for the process and put the remainder in the machine. Add in the specially formulated micro-organisms that will get to work immediately to produce your organic fertilizer. You can compost around 1-2kg of waste a day, though if you do exceed the suggested amount it will take a bit longer to digest, just like a person who has indulged in too much food. Once all of the waste has been broken down you can add in some more until the machine is full giving you fantastic organic fertilizer to use. 

You only have to add in the micro-organisms the first time, as after that they will replicate and keep on self-producing to top themselves up. As long as you don’t put in too much water or anything that might upset the ecosystem your Hass food composter will continue to do its job and get rid of your rubbish without any more hassle for you. Your compost machine will safely and economically dispose of so many things that you are left with each day including coffee grounds, raw food remains, and even animal waste. Check out a compost machine for yourself and see just how good of a job it can do.

Do indoor compost machines smell?

One of the real drawbacks of composting your waste yourself is the smells that it creates. Helping the environment and sensibly getting rid of your rubbish shouldn’t mean that your house must smell like garbage, but a Hass indoor compost machine is specially made to combat this issue. With its cutting edge design utilising a rubber lining to seal in all of the bad odours you won’t notice any increase in bad smells. Further, this also helps to keep out any pests and bugs that may be attracted to a more traditional compost pile, keeping your home insect and pest-free. The machine’s deodorizing capabilities really make it stand out from other disposal methods so give it a try.

Are kitchen composters worth the cost?

It is true that to get your own kitchen composter you must shell out a decent amount of money, but it is worth it in the long run. Firstly once you have purchased your machine and added the micro-organisms it is a self-sustaining process so you won’t have many extra expenses on top. Secondly, the filter panels used can simply be removed and washed with water so you won’t have to buy expensive replacements. The state-of-the-art composting machine gets rid of your waste, keeps in the smells, and disinfects everything giving you a safe and clean way to recycle your leftovers and anything else in an easy and useful way.

The most important benefit though has to be the environmental impact. It is important that everyone do their part to reduce their own carbon footprint and the amount of rubbish they put out. Using a food composter gets the job done both economically and in an eco-friendly way reducing pollution and creating a fertilizer that can be used again to grow more food instead of just creating greater amounts of garbage. These kitchen composters are energy efficient as well as fast-working and effective. Easy to use, without the mess, fuss, and smell of a traditional compost pile or the negative impact of just putting your rubbish out to be thrown on a heap, these machines are not just worth the cost for you, but for the planet as well.


If you are trying to take steps to be more environmentally friendly, more energy-efficient or just want a safe and clean way to get rid of your leftovers and household waste, a food composter is the right choice for you. Able to take in and digest 1-2kg of food and other organic materials and turn them into useful fertiliser in just 24 hours, your food waste recycling machine will be the new stomach of your home. 

Breaking down your waste instead of just throwing it out will leave you feeling better about the planet and its efficient and self-sustaining system makes it an easy choice for everyone. 

Try out your own food composter today and see how fast and useful it can be, and with its excellent technology, you will be able to sit back and relax without the bad odours and pests that can so easily be attracted by the process. Check out the options available for yourself and you will see that a food composter is the clear choice.

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