Never Mind Going Abroad This Year, Try Camping as a Cheaper Alternative Vacation 

what is it that makes camping so awesome? | Reconnecting with Nature | Sleeping Under the Stars | Learning Life Skills | You’ll Feel Better

Stop stressing about whether or not you’re going to be able to afford to take your family abroad on holiday this year! There are cheaper alternatives which can be just as fulfilling. Yes, it’s nice to go abroad and explore other countries and experience different cultures, but sometimes, you’re better off saving your pennies. Life is expensive, particularly if you’ve got children. 

As they grow older they become more and more demanding, with afterschool clubs, karate, wanting to learn a new instrument, needing that new i-phone and begging for a PS4 because they ‘absolutely must play Fortnite with their friends and so on. 

You don’t have to stress, because you’d be surprised by how affordable camping actually is. And not only that, but camping is an awful lot of fun and gives you the perfect opportunity to tear your children away from those screens for a little while! 

So, what is it that makes camping so awesome? 

Reconnecting with Nature 

Particularly if you live in the city, it’s very rare that we get much of an opportunity to truly reconnect with nature. Sure, you might have the occasional stroll in the park or the odd trip down to the beach, but when was the last time you slept under the stars? 

Sleeping Under the Stars 

Your children might not be particularly fussed about space, but this is a great opportunity for you to get them interested. Laying out on your sleeping bags under the stars is one of the most beautiful and relaxing things that you can do. You can point out various constellations with your children, inspire deep thought and imaginative conversation and just spend some quality time getting all cosy with your family. 

Learning Life Skills 

Camping is a great opportunity to teach your little one’s some life skills. Building a fire for example! It’s a fun and practical exercise which is certainly not without its rewards. Sitting around a campfire and enjoying some good food and conversation is an amazing way to spend an evening. You could even introduce them to using a compass, fishing and so much more. Your imagination is the only limitation when it comes to camping. 

You’ll Feel Better 

Nature is revitalising. After the first day camping you’ll feel infinitely better about everything. So, rather than sit here stressing about not being able to afford to take everyone away on holiday, why don’t you just let go and relax? Dig out some old camping gear, buy what you don’t have from an affordable camping store and then head out into the sticks. You’ll feel amazing! 

Switch Off 

Your children will likely protest, but if you have enough activities to keep them busy, after a short while they’ll forget all about Facebook and Angry Birds. Camping gives you an opportunity to switch off from the world. Forget about your emails and all of that nonsense until you return. For now, you can just kick back and enjoy mother nature’s bounty with your loved ones.  

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